Monday, June 6, 2011

Retiring the crochet hook...

I have been using the same crochet hook for about 90-95% of my bags. It is treated like royalty and I panic when I can not find it. I have tried to find another "back-up" one but could never find any that came close. If you read the post below, you know I have recieved some treasures from my Grammie's home. My mother also brought back some crochet hooks. As we sat around looking at them we noticed something very strange. I have actually worn out my crochet hook. Seriously!! It is no wonder I could not find another hook to match it.

Here is a photo. They are both size 9 crochet hooks. The pink one to the left is one of the hooks my mother brought. The one on the right is my treasured hook. If you look at the top towards the "head" you will see the "neck is almost worn through. I still can not believe it. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? It is  a first for me. Looks like I will be retiring the old one and break in a new one.

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So many little time!

So many little time!