Monday, June 6, 2011

Gifts from Grammie

Over Memorial Day weekend my mother went down to Florida to help my father's siblings go through my Grammie's home. While she was there they found loads of plastic bags. My mother asked if anyone would be intgeresed in them for the bag craft that she taught so many of us. No takers. So, she offered to send it ALL to me. Saturday, two large boxes arrived at my door. One box weighed 30 pounds and the other weighed 55 pounds!! Yes, you are reading correctly. That is a total of 85 pounds of plastic bags!!!

As we were lloking over the top of the boxes, my daughter seemed to like digging into the bottom. She said, "Mom, there is something black at the bottom". To my surprise at the bottom of the boxes were my Grammie's cutting boards, rotery cutter and original directions to the bag she taught me to crochet so many years ago. I could not speak. I just held the first cutting board to my chest. It was such a treasure to have a piece of her craft.


Believe me when I say they are not the thin ones you get at the craft store either. The black board below is 13 x 22 inches and is 1/2 inch think! I am not sure I will even use them right away...I may just hang them up like artwork. :)

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So many little time!

So many little time!