Sunday, January 23, 2011

Concord Monitor Article

So there has been nothing new in my little world of plastic bags as of late. I have been hard at work crocheting away to get enough product for the Just Be Boutique on Main St. in Concord. Then on Tuesday of last week (during one of the 3 snow storms that week) photgrapher from the Concord Monitor, named Katie Barns came to my house to see me in action. She wanted me to "just do what I usually do". So, I strung some plastic and crocheted while homeschooling my children. I am not sure how exciting that is but we had fun chatting with her. Then during Friday's snow storm we walked to the corner store to get the Concord Monitor. I was featured right there on the front of the local section. How fun is that? If you look to the right of the picture you will see the bags I use for grocery shopping. Yes, I really use them. :)

The article says, "Kathi Rienstra crochets items from plastic bags. She sells them locally and online on Ets. "It helps with school books and fid trips," Rienstra said. She gathers plastic bags from friends, family and grocery store recycling containers.
Top: Rienstra crochets a wine bottle holder from Target bags while homeschooling her son Grant Rienstra at their kitchen table in Concord onTuesday.
Left: Rienstra's crocheted bowls and bags are displayed on a shelf in her house. The bowl on the right took about 22 plastic bags to make."

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So many little time!

So many little time!